Best Method To Accelerate The Perm Advertisement Process: File Electronically

One of the more difficult situations in the PERM process is know how to interview domestic applicants. The domestic applicant might be very qualified for the position and show a lot of promise. But, even with promise, is it desirable to end the PERM process and hire a domestic applicant? Most firms would say it is not worth it. Going ahead with an application in the first place is a statement of intent on behalf of the firm - they believe that this foreign national is the best candidate for them.

Such a confident attitude makes it difficult to interview domestic applicants. Domestic applicants apply to the position after seeing it posted on a job board, noticing it in the Sunday newspaper, or hearing about it through a colleague. The company is obligated, under PERM rules, to conduct a 30-day domestic recruitment drive across the entire nation. Permanent labor certification job ads can be written by the company or an advertising agency. The recruitment drive is meant to give any domestic labourers that have relevant skills the opportunity to apply. PERM also dictates the the firm must interview domestic applicants that appear qualified on paper.

A PERM application is 75% done once all the paperwork has been filed, the prevailing wage has been given, and the recruitment process is underway. One of the last steps read more in the process is conducting the interviews. The goal is to give the applicant enough time to discuss their skills but ultimately find them unsuitable. Here are some tactical maneuvers firms can use to conduct PERM interviews successfully.

Be Quite Specific in Job Description

Off the top it helps to write an extremely specific job description. If the job requires some coding, for example, don’t simply put ‘a little bit of JavaScript and the ability to learn other languages quickly’ or something general like that. Be as specific as possible. That means describing the kind of coding language required in detail. What other kinds of coding language might they have to learn? In what context will they need to apply this skill/ How much JavaScript competency do they need? Being crystal clear about all of these roles is important. It makes it easier to show that domestic applicants are unqualified in key areas.

Focus on Skills not Attitude

Most professionals know how to keep a positive and confident attitude in the workplace. That’s not important with PERM. In an interview it is helpful to focus more on skills than attitude. Skills are what matter most in these kind of niche professional positions. If a domestic astrophysics apples and has all the credentials on paper, focus more on the area of astrophysics that apply to the firm. Highlight the fact that the applicant will need more specialized knowledge of this one particular area in order to get the job.

Be Positive and Swift

There is no need to take a long interview. A long interview might give the wrong impression. If the domestic applicant does not have it takes, then politely end the interview before too long.

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